Istanbul Airport Arrivals (IST)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Almaty (ALA) Turkish Cargo TK6483 03:45 Scheduled
Trabzon (TZX) Turkish Airlines TK2821 03:45 Scheduled
Mitiga (MJI) Libyan Airlines LN192 03:45 Scheduled
Mitiga (MJI) Libyan Airlines LN192 03:45 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Turkish Airlines TK1822 (5) 03:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air Canada AC6690 03:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air Seychelles HM6403 03:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) IndiGo 6E4044 03:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Sichuan Airlines 3U7212 03:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) United Airlines UA6923 03:50 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Turkish Airlines TK1952 (6) 03:50 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) IndiGo 6E4035 03:50 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) MIAT Mongolian Airlines OM1152 03:50 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Pakistan International Airlines PK5952 03:50 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) RwandAir WB1258 03:50 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Thai Airways TG9007 03:50 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) United Airlines UA6927 03:50 Scheduled
Gothenburg (GOT) Turkish Airlines TK1798 (2) 03:50 Scheduled
Gothenburg (GOT) Malaysia Airlines MH4330 03:50 Scheduled
Gothenburg (GOT) SAS SK3415 03:50 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Turkish Airlines TK1938 (4) 03:50 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) IndiGo 6E4040 03:50 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) MIAT Mongolian Airlines OM1170 03:50 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) RwandAir WB1305 03:50 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Thai Airways TG9005 03:50 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Turkish Airlines TK1588 (1) 03:50 Delayed
Frankfurt (FRA) United Airlines UA6903 03:50 Delayed
Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU2130 03:55 Scheduled
Moscow (VKO) Euro-Asia Air 5B5120 03:58 Delayed
Dalaman (DLM) Turkish Airlines TK2557 (1) 04:00 Scheduled
Dalaman (DLM) LOT LO4620 04:00 Scheduled
Stockholm (ARN) Turkish Airlines TK1794 (4) 04:00 Delayed
Stockholm (ARN) IndiGo 6E4305 04:00 Delayed
Stockholm (ARN) Pakistan International Airlines PK5794 04:00 Delayed
Stockholm (ARN) RwandAir WB1356 04:00 Delayed
Stockholm (ARN) SAS SK3418 04:00 Delayed
St Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6963 04:00 Delayed
Dusseldorf (DUS) Turkish Airlines TK3248 04:02 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1959 (2) 04:05 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL9568 04:05 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Kenya Airways KQ1613 04:05 Scheduled
Atyrau (GUW) Air Astana KC869 04:05 15:39 Landed
Barcelona (BCN) Turkish Airlines TK1854 (4) 04:10 15:59 Landed
Barcelona (BCN) Avianca AV6622 04:10 15:59 Landed
Barcelona (BCN) RwandAir WB1295 04:10 15:59 Landed
Barcelona (BCN) Thai Airways TG9043 04:10 15:59 Landed
Barcelona (BCN) Uzbekistan Airways HY7294 04:10 15:59 Landed
Antalya (AYT) Turkish Airlines TK2441 (1) 04:10 15:57 Landed
Antalya (AYT) Tarom RO9176 04:10 15:57 Landed
Toulouse (TLS) Turkish Airlines TK1804 (1) 04:10 Scheduled
Toulouse (TLS) IndiGo 6E4167 04:10 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Turkish Airlines TK76 (2) 04:15 15:41 Landed
Richmond (YVR) AirSERBIA JU8281 04:15 15:41 Landed
Richmond (YVR) RwandAir WB1350 04:15 15:41 Landed
Moscow (VKO) Turkish Airlines TK414 04:15 Scheduled
Tallinn (TLL) Turkish Airlines TK1422 (1) 04:15 Scheduled
Tallinn (TLL) Singapore Airlines SQ6272 04:15 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) Turkish Airlines TK2151 (4) 04:20 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) AirSERBIA JU8171 04:20 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) LOT LO4602 04:20 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) Royal Air Maroc AT9442 04:20 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) Tarom RO9182 04:20 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) SKY express GQ1000 04:20 15:59 Landed
Vantaa (HEL) Turkish Airlines TK1762 (4) 04:20 Delayed
Vantaa (HEL) Finnair AY3301 04:20 Delayed
Vantaa (HEL) IndiGo 6E4277 04:20 Delayed
Vantaa (HEL) RwandAir WB1313 04:20 Delayed
Vantaa (HEL) SAS SK3423 04:20 Delayed
Mardin (MQM) Turkish Airlines TK2677 04:20 Scheduled
Mitiga (MJI) Turkish Airlines TK640 04:20 15:44 Landed
Adana (ADA) Turkish Airlines TK2461 (2) 04:25 Scheduled
Adana (ADA) AirSERBIA JU8013 04:25 Scheduled
Adana (ADA) Royal Air Maroc AT9420 04:25 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Turkish Airlines TK209 (1) 04:25 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Royal Brunei Airlines BI3614 04:25 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) Turkish Airlines TK78 (3) 04:25 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) Pakistan International Airlines PK5078 04:25 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) RwandAir WB1279 04:25 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) Singapore Airlines SQ6298 04:25 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air France AF1390 (4) 04:30 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Delta Air Lines DL8316 04:30 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) GOL Linhas Aereas G35120 04:30 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Japan Airlines JL5319 04:30 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) KLM KL2352 04:30 Scheduled
Izmir (ADB) Turkish Airlines TK2325 (4) 04:30 Cancelled
Izmir (ADB) AirSERBIA JU8044 04:30 Cancelled
Izmir (ADB) Royal Air Maroc AT9430 04:30 Cancelled
Izmir (ADB) SAS SK3465 04:30 Cancelled
Izmir (ADB) Tarom RO9166 04:30 Cancelled
Tirana (TIA) Air Albania ZB1010 04:30 Scheduled
Edremit korfez (EDO) Turkish Airlines TK2265 04:35 Scheduled
Algiers (ALG) Turkish Airlines TK652 (2) 04:35 Scheduled
Algiers (ALG) Air Algerie AH3904 04:35 Scheduled
Algiers (ALG) RwandAir WB1333 04:35 Scheduled
Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT910 (1) 04:40 Scheduled
Casablanca (CMN) Turkish Airlines TK8304 04:40 Scheduled
Malatya (MLX) Turkish Airlines TK2633 04:40 Scheduled
Riyadh (RUH) Turkish Airlines TK143 04:40 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Turkish Airlines TK204 (1) 04:40 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) RwandAir WB1344 04:40 Scheduled
Panama City (PTY) Turkish Airlines TK801 (1) 04:40 Scheduled
Panama City (PTY) Copa Airlines CM8101 04:40 Scheduled
Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO135 (1) 04:45 Scheduled
Warsaw (WAW) Turkish Airlines TK8149 04:45 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHX) Turkish Airlines TK6894 04:46 Delayed
Erbil (EBL) ULS Airlines Cargo TK6175 04:50 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Turkish Airlines TK192 (2) 04:50 Delayed
Dallas (DFW) Pakistan International Airlines PK5192 04:50 Delayed
Dallas (DFW) RwandAir WB1340 04:50 Delayed
Moscow (DME) S7 Airlines S73753 04:50 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHX) Turkish Airlines TK1968 (3) 04:50 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHX) IndiGo 6E4175 04:50 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHX) Pakistan International Airlines PK5968 04:50 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHX) Thai Airways TG9077 04:50 Scheduled
Bordeaux (BOD) Turkish Airlines TK1390 (1) 04:50 Scheduled
Bordeaux (BOD) Thai Airways TG9117 04:50 Scheduled
Newark (EWR) Turkish Airlines TK30 (2) 04:50 Delayed
Newark (EWR) RwandAir WB1383 04:50 Delayed
Newark (EWR) Thai Airways TG9175 04:50 Delayed
Jeddah (JED) Turkish Airlines TK127 04:50 Scheduled
Manises (VLC) Turkish Airlines TK1302 (1) 04:50 Scheduled
Manises (VLC) Thai Airways TG9107 04:50 Scheduled
Kayseri (ASR) Turkish Airlines TK2013 (1) 04:55 Scheduled
Kayseri (ASR) AirSERBIA JU8065 04:55 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Turkish Airlines TK1752 (4) 04:55 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) IndiGo 6E4283 04:55 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Pakistan International Airlines PK5752 04:55 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) SAS SK3411 04:55 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Thai Airways TG9033 04:55 Scheduled
Ordu (OGU) AJet TK2851 04:55 Scheduled
Gaziantep (GZT) AJet TK2223 (1) 05:00 Scheduled
Gaziantep (GZT) AirSERBIA JU8201 05:00 Scheduled
St Petersburg (LED) Turkish Airlines TK402 05:00 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) Turkish Airlines TK2433 (2) 05:00 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) AirSERBIA JU8103 05:00 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) SAS SK3479 05:00 Scheduled
Manchester (MAN) Turkish Airlines TK1994 (4) 05:00 Cancelled
Manchester (MAN) IndiGo 6E4173 05:00 Cancelled
Manchester (MAN) Pakistan International Airlines PK5994 05:00 Cancelled
Manchester (MAN) RwandAir WB1315 05:00 Cancelled
Manchester (MAN) Thai Airways TG9025 05:00 Cancelled
Moscow (VKO) Pobeda DP993 05:00 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1300 (2) 05:00 Delayed
Frankfurt (FRA) Air Canada AC9475 05:00 Delayed
Frankfurt (FRA) United Airlines UA9126 05:00 Delayed
Chennai Madras (MAA) Turkish Cargo TK6380 05:03 Delayed
Sharjah (SHJ) Air Arabia G9287 05:05 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Turkish Airlines TK34 (4) 05:10 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Pakistan International Airlines PK5034 05:10 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) RwandAir WB1376 05:10 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Singapore Airlines SQ6234 05:10 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Thai Airways TG7556 05:10 Scheduled
Jeddah (JED) Saudia SV275 05:10 Scheduled
Dublin (DUB) Turkish Airlines TK1976 (1) 05:10 Delayed
Dublin (DUB) IndiGo 6E4048 05:10 Delayed
Budapest (BUD) Turkish Airlines TK1034 (2) 05:10 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) IndiGo 6E4010 05:10 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) Thai Airways TG9163 05:10 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) Turkish Airlines TK4963 05:10 Scheduled
Nevsehir (NAV) Turkish Airlines TK2005 05:10 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Turkish Airlines TK12 (7) 05:15 Delayed
New York (JFK) Avianca AV6634 05:15 Delayed
New York (JFK) IndiGo 6E4237 05:15 Delayed
New York (JFK) JetBlue B66902 05:15 Delayed
New York (JFK) Pakistan International Airlines PK5012 05:15 Delayed
New York (JFK) RwandAir WB1381 05:15 Delayed
New York (JFK) Thai Airways TG9183 05:15 Delayed
New York (JFK) Uzbekistan Airways HY7292 05:15 Delayed
Madrid (MAD) Turkish Airlines TK1858 (5) 05:15 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Air Europa UX3901 05:15 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Avianca AV6610 05:15 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) RwandAir WB1265 05:15 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Thai Airways TG9047 05:15 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Uzbekistan Airways HY7288 05:15 Scheduled
Mogadishu (MGQ) Turkish Airlines TK647 05:15 Delayed
London (LHR) Turkish Airlines TK1980 (6) 05:15 Delayed
London (LHR) Air Canada AC6700 05:15 Delayed
London (LHR) IndiGo 6E4053 05:15 Delayed
London (LHR) Pakistan International Airlines PK5980 05:15 Delayed
London (LHR) RwandAir WB1270 05:15 Delayed
London (LHR) Sichuan Airlines 3U7204 05:15 Delayed
London (LHR) United Airlines UA6919 05:15 Delayed
Sofia (SOF) Turkish Airlines TK1032 (1) 05:20 Scheduled
Sofia (SOF) IndiGo 6E4209 05:20 Scheduled
Izmir (ADB) Turkish Airlines TK2327 05:25 Scheduled
Milas (BJV) Turkish Airlines TK2515 05:25 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Turkish Airlines TK1850 (5) 05:25 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A33152 05:25 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) IndiGo 6E4038 05:25 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Pakistan International Airlines PK5850 05:25 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Sichuan Airlines 3U7228 05:25 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Thai Airways TG9173 05:25 Scheduled
Elazig (EZS) Turkish Airlines TK2645 05:25 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) flydubai FZ727 (1) 05:25 Delayed
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK2094 05:25 Delayed
Sarajevo (SJJ) Turkish Airlines TK1024 05:25 Scheduled
Dakar Blaise (DSS) Turkish Airlines TK502 (1) 05:25 Scheduled
Dakar Blaise (DSS) RwandAir WB1337 05:25 Scheduled
Entebbe (EBB) Turkish Airlines TK6506 05:30 Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP) Turkish Airlines TK1040 (1) 05:30 Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP) Tarom RO9165 05:30 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Turkish Airlines TK1304 (1) 05:35 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Thai Airways TG7558 05:35 Scheduled
Bukhara (BHK) Turkish Airlines TK267 (1) 05:35 Scheduled
Bukhara (BHK) Uzbekistan Airways HY7307 05:35 Scheduled
Sao Paulo (GRU) Turkish Airlines TK194 (3) 05:35 Scheduled
Sao Paulo (GRU) AirSERBIA JU8289 05:35 Scheduled
Sao Paulo (GRU) RwandAir WB1342 05:35 Scheduled
Sao Paulo (GRU) Thai Airways TG9203 05:35 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Turkish Airlines TK80 (2) 05:35 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) IndiGo 6E4273 05:35 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Pakistan International Airlines PK5080 05:35 Scheduled
Venice (VCE) Turkish Airlines TK1872 (1) 05:35 Scheduled
Venice (VCE) IndiGo 6E4161 05:35 Scheduled
Dalaman (DLM) Turkish Airlines TK2565 05:40 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Turkish Airlines TK765 (1) 05:40 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Royal Brunei Airlines BI3622 05:40 Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP) Tarom RO263 (1) 05:40 Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP) Turkish Airlines TK8593 05:40 Scheduled
Lefkosa (ECN) Turkish Airlines TK969 05:45 Scheduled
Beirut (BEY) Turkish Airlines TK825 (1) 05:45 Scheduled
Beirut (BEY) MEA ME4825 05:45 Scheduled
Konya (KYA) Turkish Airlines TK2035 05:45 Scheduled
Tokyo (NRT) Turkish Airlines TK51 (2) 05:45 Scheduled
Tokyo (NRT) All Nippon Airways NH6637 05:45 Scheduled
Tokyo (NRT) Egyptair MS9359 05:45 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA676 (1) 05:45 Scheduled
London (LHR) American Airlines AA6613 05:45 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Turkish Airlines TK1756 (5) 05:50 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) IndiGo 6E4192 05:50 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Malaysia Airlines MH4328 05:50 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Singapore Airlines SQ6256 05:50 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP6454 05:50 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Thai Airways TG9097 05:50 Scheduled
Kars (KSY) Turkish Airlines TK2717 05:50 Scheduled
Dortmund (DTM) Turkish Airlines TK3306 05:50 Scheduled
Adler Sochi (AER) Azimuth A45073 05:55 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK121 (1) 05:55 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Qantas QF8121 05:55 Scheduled
Cairo (CAI) Egyptair MS735 (3) 06:00 Scheduled
Cairo (CAI) Ethiopian Airlines ET1467 06:00 Scheduled
Cairo (CAI) Singapore Airlines SQ6035 06:00 Scheduled
Cairo (CAI) Turkish Airlines TK4625 06:00 Scheduled
Milas (BJV) Turkish Airlines TK4971 06:00 Scheduled
Tehran (IKA) Iran Aseman Airlines EP512 06:00 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) Turkish Airlines TK1886 (3) 06:00 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) IndiGo 6E4062 06:00 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) MIAT Mongolian Airlines OM1122 06:00 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) RwandAir WB1281 06:00 Scheduled
Tabriz (TBZ) ATA Airlines I36601 06:00 Scheduled
Adana (ADA) Turkish Airlines TK2463 (1) 06:05 Scheduled
Adana (ADA) AirSERBIA JU8015 06:05 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) Turkish Airlines TK2417 06:05 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Turkish Airlines TK1468 06:10 Scheduled
Erzurum (ERZ) Turkish Airlines TK2707 06:10 Scheduled
Dalaman (DLM) Turkish Airlines TK4981 06:15 Scheduled
Groznyj (GRV) Utair UT727 06:15 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) Turkish Airlines TK2159 (3) 06:20 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) Air New Zealand NZ4893 06:20 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) AirSERBIA JU8175 06:20 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) Thai Airways TG9305 06:20 Scheduled
Trabzon (TZX) Turkish Airlines TK2841 06:20 Scheduled
Izmir (ADB) Turkish Airlines TK2329 (3) 06:25 Scheduled
Izmir (ADB) AirSERBIA JU8048 06:25 Scheduled
Izmir (ADB) SAS SK3459 06:25 Scheduled
Izmir (ADB) Thai Airways TG9315 06:25 Scheduled
Dalaman (DLM) Turkish Airlines TK4983 06:30 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR245 (6) 06:35 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Cathay Pacific CX9265 06:35 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Malaysia Airlines MH9321 06:35 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Oman Air WY6321 06:35 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) RwandAir WB1040 06:35 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) SriLankan Airlines UL3126 06:35 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Virgin Australia VA6095 06:35 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Turkish Airlines TK1634 (1) 06:35 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Icelandair FI7015 06:35 Scheduled
Belgrade (BEG) Turkish Airlines TK1080 (1) 06:40 Scheduled
Belgrade (BEG) AirSERBIA JU8001 06:40 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Turkish Airlines TK1324 (1) 06:40 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Thai Airways TG9147 06:40 Scheduled
Mitiga (MJI) Medsky Airways BM502 06:40 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Turkish Airlines TK10 (4) 06:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Air New Zealand NZ4855 06:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Pakistan International Airlines PK5010 06:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Thai Airways TG7552 06:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Uzbekistan Airways HY7280 06:45 Scheduled
Prague (PRG) Turkish Airlines TK1772 (1) 06:45 Scheduled
Prague (PRG) Uzbekistan Airways HY7296 06:45 Scheduled
Van (VAN) Turkish Airlines TK2749 06:45 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Turkish Airlines TK1824 (7) 06:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air Canada AC6692 06:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air Seychelles HM6405 06:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) IndiGo 6E4045 06:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) LATAM Airlines LA5722 06:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) RwandAir WB1262 06:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Sichuan Airlines 3U7214 06:50 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) United Airlines UA6924 06:50 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA688 (1) 06:50 Scheduled
London (LHR) American Airlines AA7214 06:50 Scheduled
Milas (BJV) Turkish Airlines TK2529 06:55 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) Turkish Airlines TK1922 (4) 06:55 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) Air Canada AC6684 06:55 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) Oman Air WY5758 06:55 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) Pakistan International Airlines PK5922 06:55 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) RwandAir WB3696 06:55 Scheduled
Nürnberg (NUE) Turkish Airlines TK1510 06:55 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) Turkish Airlines TK1450 (3) 06:55 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) IndiGo 6E4169 06:55 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) TAP Air Portugal TP6456 06:55 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) Thai Airways TG9095 06:55 Scheduled
Muscat (MCT) Oman Air WY165 (1) 06:55 Scheduled
Muscat (MCT) Turkish Airlines TK4613 06:55 Scheduled
Erzincan (ERC) Turkish Airlines TK2655 07:00 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Turkish Airlines TK1944 (2) 07:00 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) Icelandair FI7007 07:00 Scheduled
Brussels (BRU) MIAT Mongolian Airlines OM1176 07:00 Scheduled
Napoli (NAP) Turkish Airlines TK1464 07:00 Scheduled
Constantine (CZL) Turkish Airlines TK1412 (1) 07:05 Scheduled
Constantine (CZL) Air Algerie AH3914 07:05 Scheduled
Hanover (HAJ) Turkish Airlines TK1552 07:05 Scheduled
Hamburg (HAM) Turkish Airlines TK1666 07:05 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) Turkish Airlines TK2431 (1) 07:05 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) AirSERBIA JU8101 07:05 Scheduled
Oran (ORN) Turkish Airlines TK494 (1) 07:05 Scheduled
Oran (ORN) Air Algerie AH3910 07:05 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) Turkish Airlines TK1914 (2) 07:05 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) MIAT Mongolian Airlines OM1018 07:05 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) Pakistan International Airlines PK5914 07:05 Scheduled
Podgorica (TGD) Turkish Airlines TK1090 07:05 Scheduled
Fergana (FEG) Turkish Airlines TK261 (1) 07:05 Scheduled
Fergana (FEG) Uzbekistan Airways HY7301 07:05 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Turkish Airlines TK1782 07:10 Scheduled
Moscow (VKO) Turkish Airlines TK418 07:10 Scheduled
Berlin (BER) Turkish Airlines TK1726 07:15 Scheduled
Cologne (CGN) Turkish Airlines TK1674 07:15 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Turkish Airlines TK1958 07:15 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHX) Turkish Airlines TK1928 (1) 07:15 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHX) IndiGo 6E4315 07:15 Scheduled
Baku (GYD) Turkish Airlines TK341 07:15 Scheduled
Dusseldorf (DUS) Turkish Airlines TK1526 07:15 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Turkish Airlines TK1896 (3) 07:15 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) IndiGo 6E4157 07:15 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) LATAM Airlines LA5718 07:15 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Pakistan International Airlines PK5896 07:15 Scheduled
Stuttgart (STR) Turkish Airlines TK1704 07:15 Scheduled
Tbilisi (TBS) Turkish Airlines TK383 07:15 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Turkish Airlines TK1592 07:15 Scheduled
Ankara (ESB) Turkish Airlines TK2163 07:20 Scheduled
Kirkuk (KIK) Iraqi Airways IA251 07:20 Scheduled
Manchester (MAN) Turkish Airlines TK1992 07:25 Scheduled
Adana (ADA) Turkish Airlines TK2473 07:30 Scheduled
Izmir (ADB) Pegasus PC3306 07:30 Scheduled
Izmir (ADB) Turkish Airlines TK2331 07:30 Scheduled
Amman (AMM) Royal Jordanian RJ167 07:30 Scheduled
Beirut (BEY) MEA ME267 07:30 Scheduled
Yerevan (EVN) FlyOne Armenia 3F475 07:30 Scheduled
Samara (KUF) Red Wings WZ1365 07:30 Scheduled
Prague (PRG) CMA CGM Air Cargo TK6082 07:31 Scheduled
Tivat (TIV) Trade Air 4O2902 07:31 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) Turkish Airlines TK4965 07:35 Scheduled
London (LHR) Turkish Airlines TK1990 07:35 Scheduled
Olbia (OLB) Elilombarda EOA1 07:38 Scheduled
Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE955 07:40 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Turkish Airlines TK1746 07:40 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Turkish Airlines TK1866 07:40 Scheduled

Planning a Holiday or Business Trip...

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Flight Arrivals at Istanbul Airport

When arriving at Istanbul Airport, please remember to collect your luggage from the Baggage Claim area before proceeding to your choice of transfer. The airport is a large and modern airport that is well signed for easy navigation.

Smoking at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport has a total of 13 smoking terraces on airside, 10 in the international area and 3 in the domestic. Arriving travelers do not have access to these terraces and will have to wait until through to landside and outside.

WiFi at Istanbul Airport

Wireless internet kiosks, provided by Türk Telekom, offer 1-hour free internet access. 1 out of a total of 33 kiosks is located in the international terminal’s baggage claim area and 3 are in the arrival’s meeting hall. Access the WiFi either via SMS or with a passport number.

Transfers at Istanbul Airport

Rental Cars – The rental car companies at Istanbul Airport are located on landside in the domestic area of the airport, making it convenient to both collect and drop-off a rented vehicle. It is recommended to arrange for the vehicle in advance of arriving at the airport to make sure there is a vehicle available that suits the traveler’s needs. All companies are open 24/7.

Public Transportation Buses – Havaist and IETT are the two companies that provide public transportation transfer from the airport to the city. A total of 16 different routes serving most of the areas of the city together are available and most routes, but not all, are in operation 24/7.

Havaist connects the airport with the inner and most popular areas from a tourist point of view and is mainly used by tourists. This makes it more expensive, but also more comfortable and spacious to travel in.

IETT operates routes to the areas of the city that are located more in the outskirts and is more used by locals simply because the areas are less touristy. These routes are cheaper, but the buses are less spacious and comfortable to travel in.

Buses depart from level -2, Transport Floor. More information about buses to and from Istanbul Airport.

Taxis – The official taxis are divided into orange, blue or black categories and they are found at the official taxi ranks outside International Flights Passenger and Plaza Section Domestic as well as on departures level. The color of the category indicates the tariff used by the taxi with orange being the basic fare and the black being the luxury fare with the blue in between. Fares are based on taximeters and can therefore vary a lot as it depends on the traffic at the time of the journey. Oftentimes the journey will take longer and cost more than first indicated.

It is not recommended to use any other taxi found outside the airport as they are not official and safety can therefore not be guaranteed. Cash is the official payment method as most taxis do not accept credit or debit cards, and the local currency, Turkish Lira, is the recommended currency to use as the exchange rate when using Euro or even USD will make it more expensive. More information about taxis at Istanbul Airport.

Hotel Shuttles – Hotels might offer an airport shuttle service to their guests for convenient transfer from or to the airport. These are arranged by the traveler through the hotel in advance. Hotel shuttles can be found on level -2 of the airport. See a selection of hotels near Istanbul Airport.

Pre-arranged Transfers – Taxis and other transfers can be pre-arranged by the traveler, in which case collection takes place on level -2, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Trains – There is currently no train service available at the airport, but a metro is under construction with plans to open during 2022. This line, M11, will connect the airport with the city.

A railway link to Halkali and from there to Gebze will eventually connect the airport with the Asian railway network. Information about local train services in and around Istanbul.

ATMs at Istanbul Airport

A couple of ATM/cash machines can be found in the arrivals area of the airport.

Currency Exchange at Istanbul Airport

There are two Global exchange offices available for arriving passengers.

Lost and Found at Istanbul Airport

Items lost within the Terminal (including Airport Parking areas and Security Checkpoints) will be taken to the airport’s Lost and Found Property Office located on the Departures Floor on landside or in front of Gate C3 on airside. There are signs to indicate the direction or an online operator can give consultations on how to get there when using one of the passenger information kiosks available.

A fee is added for the maintenance of the item in the office from day 2, after the first 24 hours, on bag-sized items or luggage with larger luggage being more expensive than smaller. Small items such as eyeglasses, mobile phones, wallets etc. are free of charge.

Luggage Carts at Istanbul Airport

Baggage trolleys can be found in various locations of the airport. A deposit is charged either in cash, debit card or NFC and a QR code will be distributed on a slip. This QR code is then read by the dispenser upon the return and the deposit money will be returned.

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Istanbul Airport witnessed a positive 5.57% increase in passenger traffic in November 2023 compared to the same month in 2019.